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Support Structure Planning



We offer all planning phases from design to execution planning. In addition, we are happy to advise you on engineering technical questions.

Steel Construction

Roof and fa├žade constructions, trusses and room structures
For large construction projects, we are happy to stand by your side as your planning partner or subcontractor specializing in steel construction.

Production and storage halls of all sizes

Verifiable structural analysis in heavy plant steel construction in the processing industry

We offer all FEL planning phases up to Project Execution and Detailed Engineering. In doing so, we create verifiable bar and detailed structural analysis as well as complete workshop planning in 2D. Parts lists, 3D model and NC data are also part of the service and scope of delivery. Exchange formats such as IFC, STEP, 3D-dwg, dxf, nwd and others are no problem.

Testable structural analysis of steel towers, masts and chimneys

Testable structural analysis of steel silos and tank containers

Testable structural analysis of high-bay warehouses

Testable structural analysis of crane runways

Temporary support and interception structures

Special topics
In the event of collision or corrosion damage, we will be happy to advise you. We prepare expert opinions for you and provide you with repair proposals.

Sheet metal constructions

Railing, Stairs, and Facades

Whether it's railings, architecturally demanding stairs, escape stairs or facades, we value aesthetic, sleek, and resource-saving material use.

Following the motto "the devil is in the details", even small constructions are always an exciting and educational challenge.

With the help of our modern design software, complex connections and special requests are always possible.

In the field of metal constructions, we also create complete workshop plans including parts lists, 3D models, and NC data upon request.

Aluminum structures

Foot and Cycle Path Bridges
Bridges made of aluminum allow up to 60% lighter construction compared to a comparable construction made of steel. The lightness sometimes allows entire bridges to be lifted in one piece. This in turn saves an enormous amount of construction time.

Working Scaffolds
Working scaffolds and platforms must be robust, lightweight and quick to assemble. Constructions made of aluminum are ideal for this purpose.

Constructions of All Kinds

Special Constructions

Do you have special topics such as sculptures, works of art or rope constructions? Substructures and their attachment of photovoltaic systems? Please contact us. Here, too, we will be happy to work out a suitable solution for you.

With powerful software and in cooperation with the engineering office CIVENT under the direction of Dr.-Ing. Steffen Lettow, we are also able to provide complex FEM analyses (finite elements) of special components. CIVENT with its focus on event and lightweight construction is the perfect complement for solutions where unconventional approaches and out of the box thinking is required.

Structural Engineering

In addition to the comprehensive services in metal construction, we also work out all service phases of the HOAI in general building construction.

Together with the office f2k ingenieure gmbh, under the direction of Dr.-Ing. Martin Kobler, the know-how is extended to the area of solid and timber constructions. In cooperation with f2k ingenieure we create verifiable structural calculations in multi-storey residential construction as well as the associated formwork and reinforcement planning.

With our modern software applications, we are up-to-date with the latest technology and work on economic solutions for you. The BIM software Tekla Structures enables us to process, output and send BIM-capable exchange formats (such as IFC/STEP). Combined with the design programs from Dlubal and IDEA StatiCa, there is no obstacle to a fast, economical and interdisciplinary structural dimensioning.